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 Zhejiang Dreamotion Intelligent Technology was established in 2015, specializing in research, development and sales of electric adjustable beds. Dreamotion was selected as the drafting unit for CNFA (China's Intelligent Furniture –Multi-functional beds industry standards). As a supplier that continuously providing value to customers, Dreamotion Technology is committed to formulating personalized product solutions according to customer requirements, and has the capability for large-scale production and flexible customization.
 At present, the company has established global production, warehousing and service support, which can provide customers with efficient and high-quality localized services. Dreamotion has intelligent manufacturing factories in China, Malaysia, and the United States with a high degree of automated production/manufacturing. 
 Dreamotion is a true vertical manufacturer and produces 97% of all components used in our products, which translates to higher quality with reduced cost for our customers.
Company Philosophy
Company Philosophy
Customer focused
High-tech R&D team
Have a strong guarantee
Strict Quality Inspection
Strict Quality Inspection
Stable Quality Product
International Certification
Open up foreign markets
Better sleep Through motion
Better Sleep Through Motion
Improve Health And Wellness
Ergonomics As The Core
Redefine Healthy Sleep
J-Star Motion Malaysia
Established in July 2019 with investment from JIECANG, located in the i-Park Industrial Park in Koala, Johor, Malaysia, we specialize in the research and development, production, and sales of intelligent linear drive systems, as well as warehousing and logistics capabilities.
The factory has built four plats, covering an area of 16 acres with a total construction area of 467800 square feet. The first and second phases began operation during the MCO period in 2020, and the third and fourth phases have also been completed and put into operation.
J-Star Motion in United States
As a leading enterprise in the linear motion industry, Jiecang has been focusing on exploring overseas markets since its establishment. As early as April 2014, the company had registered as a wholly-owned subsidiary of J-Star Motion Corporation in California, USA, forming an experienced localization team and officially sounding the horn to enter the US market.
Since 2017, the company has invested over $40 million in localized manufacturing services in Michigan, USA, creating over 150 new empoyment in the area. Next, the company plans to gradually increase the construction of automation equipment and local supply chains within three years, deepen the vertical integration of made in U.S. A, and achieve true local to local supply chain&production.
Jiecang Group fully acquired LEG Group in 2021, which bases in Austria with over 300 employees and a production base in Czech Republic. The company mainly produces smart office lifting system products and has a full process production capacity of laser cutting, intelligent welding, spray painting, assembly, and packaging. Currently, it is promoting the upgrading and transformation of production line automation.




  Jiecang Smart Home IoT Industrial Park,Woxi Avenue,Xinchang County, Shaoxing,Zhejiang Province,China.


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