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Dreamotion at CIFF: Better Sleep for All

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On March 18, the 53rd CIFF made its debut again.  Dreamotion, a subsidiary of JIECANG Technology, and 

LOGICDATA jointly participated in the exhibition.  A series of new smart adjustable bed frames were unveiled, 

attracting many visitors.


Dreamotion brings the innovations of the AQB series, the four-motor AQB-400M, which covers a comprehensive

range of intelligent and adjustable functions, including anti-snoring, zero-rest, sleep-aid mode, and other mainstream

electric bed functions. Moreover, it has a rare feature on the market, for example, the waist and neck adjustments can

bring a full range of smart comfort experiences to end users.


In addition, the COSMO series exhibited by LOGICDATA this time closely follows the market demand. After years of

intensive design and iteration, it has developed competitive advantages.

On the one hand, its original easy-to-install structure and compact packaging solve the problem of consumer installation. 

On the other hand, it greatly reduces the operating costs of brand owners. 

Therefore, such an innovative product is suitable for cross-border e-commerce and the domestic household market.


East Meets West: European Design + Made in China

JIECANG Group's smart adjustable electric bed business merged with Dreamotion after integrating LOGICDATA. 

After two years of running, a clear market positioning has gradually been formed. 

LOGICDATA collaborates with Dreamotion for innovative design and development in global intelligent manufacturing, 

creating value greater than the sum of its parts. This partnership offers new solutions for smart sleep and boosts industry productivity.

From JIECANG to Dreamotion and LOGICDATA, we focus on the B2B market and integrate upstream resources in

 the industry chain to provide market-leading exclusive customization and manufacturing services for smart 

sleepbrands.  We collaborate with customers with an open attitude and empower each other.  We can make progress

 together, and continue to explore technological innovation. 

JIECANG Group's acquisition of LOGICDATA is an important measure for us to integrate global resources andempower 

the development of the smart home industry.  We want to provide customers in the electric bed industry with new and

 competitive products for different market segments.


The exhibition is still in full swing. JIECANG sincerely invites you to visit booth 5.2C19.

We look forward to working with you to inject new vitality into the development of the smart sleep industry!



  Jiecang Smart Home IoT Industrial Park,Woxi Avenue,Xinchang County, Shaoxing,Zhejiang Province,China.


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